Vaadin Calendar 1.2.1 does not fire rangeselectevents in day and week view


i have some problems to add new events in the week and in the day view.
I dont know which event should be fired if i click on the calendar without selecting a range.

The online demo works fine: If i switch to the day view and click somewhere in the cells, the editor will be open.


Andre Peters

I think i have found the problem.
The calendar does not fired the rangeselectevent in the day and weekview if i click only on a cell. Everything works fine if i select a range with drag&drop or click on a cell in monthview.

Ok, it seems that the Vaadin-Calendar 1.2.1 has a bug to fire the rangeSelectEvent in the dayview and weekview.
The Version 1.2.0 works fine for me.

Can somebody recheck this behaviour?

I`m confused, i think this ticket is the problem.

Why Vaddin dont want to fire the rangeSelectEvent if the user clicks in the weekview or dayview?

The correct behaviour should be, that the user clicks on cell and the rangeselectevent with the correct start and enddate for the cell will be fired.