Vaadin builds begin failing

I wrote an application a while back using a few simple Vaadin addons.

This application has since stopped building with the error “.m2/repository/org/vaadin/addons/dom/0.1.0/dom-0.1.0.jar; error in opening zip file.m2/repository/org/vaadin/addons/dom/0.1.0/dom-0.1.0.jar; error in opening zip file”

I looked in this jar file and it actually contains html. I tried removing the jar file and letting maven download it again but each time it contains html
The html says something about “All Codehaus services will be terminated progressively until May 17th 2015”?
Does anyone have any idea about why this would be happening?

says that they have closed down. For some reason something is trying to be loaded from their repositories. Hopefully it doesn’t have anything to do with the Vaadin add-on repository. Check your pom.xml and settings if you have anything pointing at codehaus. If you do, take it away and try again