Vaadin book example sources

I’m starting out with Vaadin and excited with the possibilities it offers for java developers to build great UIs. Is there an URL to download the sources for the examples from the book of vaadin and install it as a webapp (similar to what is available at ?


That “book-examples” project is available at SVN:

Cannot checkout from the URL. Getting the following error on the Tortoise SVN console:

Unable to connect to a repository at URL ‘’. URL is not WebDAV-enabled.

Does this mean that url is only for browsing and not for checkout. Is there an alternative url to checkout?

Checks out from

Hi, I see the post is quite old.
Are there updated examples for Vaadin 7?

Thank you.

There are some at least at
, although I’m not sure if there are even newer versions migrated to Git yet or not.

It’s still in SVN and that one is indeed the most current.

I just downloaded it. It has some errors related to ivy. Someone can provide its maven version. Thanks,