Vaadin Beginner - Basic questions

I am a beginner in Vaadin, so please excuse my “simple” questions below.
I made already a little project, where a table is displayed binded to a SQLContainer (created with FreeFormQuery).
Very fast development which is great!

Now I have following basic questions:

  • When I start my small application, is then Javascript (compiled by GWT) used on the Client side?
    Or is GWT only used when I work with the Client-Side Framework?
  • Is it also possible to use the Visual Designer when I work with the Client-Side Framework?
  • Is it possible to use the SQLContainer in the Client-Side Framework?

Many thanks


  1. When you write a vaadin application (using the server-side components), the presentation in the browser is done by the client-side framework. Vaadin jars contain a precompiled widgetset which has all the core widgets in it. So yes, javascript is always used on the client side, but if you don’t do any client-side coding (or use client-side addons) you don’t need to do any compilations.

  2. Vaadin visual designer only builds server-side UIs.

  3. SQLContainer is purely server-side - none of the logic is used on the client side, only the presentation is transferred there when the container is used with e.g. the Table component. So no, you can’t use SQLContainer on the client side.

Hi Teppo,

thanks very much for your answer.