Vaadin as a WildFly module


I noticed that the Vaadin JARs take up a sizeable percentage of my test application WAR file size, does anyone have any experiences on splitting Vaadin off as a JBoss WildFly server module and just referencing it?

Thanks in advance,

Nicklas, just found your post now, 2 years later, wondering the same thing. I already have 3 Vaadin apps using the same Vaadin version in the same Wildfly instance now, so I thought about uploading it as a module.

I believe it’s possible, I’m just concerned with static calls like UI.getCurrent() using the same classloader in different web projects, I think we would need to make sure that each app is loading its own classes from the module (which I believe is possible).

I think that it is plausible. The case is not much different from what they use OSGi for, and that is proven to work (although setup has some work). If you get it working, it would be good if you can share the learnings. It is hard to say if its worth of hassle.