Vaadin as a stand-alone Maven dependency

I’m trying to create a Vaadin project that I can add as a dependency into various other Spring projects. I’ve come close, but I can’t seem to get the dependency to create the webpack. Has anyone tried this before, or have some tips as to what I might need to do?

RESOLVED. OK, figured this out. I know have compatabiliy mode set to false, production mode to true, running both prepare and build front-end steps. I also have @EnableVaadin on a configuration class. A bunch of fiddeling around, but my Vaadin project is working as a dependency now, and I can pull up my pages after the other app loads.

Hello Matt,

we currently have the same problem here in our project, as we want to integrate a Vaadin GUI with another Java application. Could you please further explain how you did manage to get this to work? Could you maybe specify your pom.xml files? I activated production mode and added @EnableVaadin to the main program as you said. But I still struggle to start it from the importing project. You can answer me here if you want or on the stackoverflow question i made a few days ago.
Thank you very much.