Vaadin arquetype and wildfly

I have created a maven project using vaadin-arquetype.
I did Run as → Maven install (to create the war package)
I deployed to the wildfly server (adding the package from local repository)

In the browser (loclahost:8080/app) i saw the ERROR:

I dont know what is the problem
Someone could help me?

In the pom i found the dependency vaadin - client - compìler commented.
And the info…
[font=courier new]

I had to commented the scope so now my POM is …

com.vaadin vaadin-client-compiler

Now it works but i don’t know why…

Three questions:

  • Why did i need the dependency vaadin-client-compiler?
  • Why vaadin-maven-plugin did’t add the compiler?
  • Why have i comment the provided scope?

In the section Create a project with Eclipse
using eclipse maven plugin

) it is said…

Before running

the project for the first time, select

Compile Widgetset and Theme

from the menu shown in Compile Widgetset and Theme Menu.

But in

create project with maven

they don’t mentioned it. But it’s said …
If you use Vaadin add-ons that include a widget set or make your custom widgets, you need to

enable widget set compilation in the POM.

In the

vaadin libraries

section it is said:


The Vaadin Client Compiler is a Java-to-JavaScript compiler that allows


client-side modules, such as the

Client-Side Engine (widget set) required for server-side applications
The compiler is needed, for example, for compiling add-on components to the application widget set, as described in Using Vaadin Add-ons.


A pre-compiled Vaadin Client-Side Engine (widget set) that

includes all the basic built-in widgets in Vaadin

. This library is not needed if you compile the application widget set with the Vaadin Client Compiler.

So when i create a maven project with the arquetype i only use built-in widgets.
I suppose that i have to compile them.

So now i understand to enable the dependency vaadin-client-compiler in the POM .

However with the plugin you can compile the widgetset and the theme before.
That will solve the problem with the widgetset,
Why the documentation don’t say anything about that in the section create the proyect with maven or in the tutorial?