Vaadin Application Lifecycle & multiuser

I’m wondering about the Application lifecycle, and already found this:

However there is a question not answered at all: How does this relate to mustiuser environments?
Does every user get his own instance of the application? Would then the application’s state (maybe the application instance) be stored in the HttpSession?

Or do users share instances of application, and thus it is not recommended to have fields in this class that are required for one specific user session?
Would that imply that the developer has to care about some kind of user session management?


each user (or better each session) has it’s own instance of the application.
So having normal fields in classes is no problem at all.

If you work with static objects, then these fields will be shared through all instances.


Thanks for that answer, André.
It seems if one user sees another user’s data that I have a different problem then.
I will search on…