Vaadin application and SCA components


I am new to Vaadin, and liked it very much. Keep up the great work !!!

I am trying to find out how to call a SCA (Service Component Architecture) Service from Vaadin.

My requirement is as follows:

I have an SCA Composite (say, “CalculatorService” for example) running on Tuscany on Machine 1.

I have a Vaadin application running on Tomcat on Machine 2.

The Vaadin app needs to call the CalculatorService.

How can this be achieved ?

I know that Tuscany provides JSON-RPC bindings and Vaadin is GWT at its core which means JSON-RPC should be possible from Vaadin. But How? I am looking for examples/code snippets for this scenario.

Is there any other way to do this?

Any help is much appreciated.


As Vaadin is a server side framework, your application is implemented in Java and runs on the Tomcat server. For most applications, you do not even need to know that the client side is implemented using GWT.

There is no need to go through JSON-RPC. Instead, your (server-side) Java application can obtain the Java interface of the service from Tuscany and use it directly.

An example of calling Tuscany web services from Java can be found