Vaadin Applet integration out of sync problem

Hi, I followed the link

In my applet, I extend AbstractVaadinApplet class and code:

  vaadinUpdateVariable("mydata", "somevalue", true);

In server part, I inherit the AppletIntegration class and override changeVariables() method :

    public void changeVariables(Object source, Map variables) {
        super.changeVariables(source, variables);
        if (variables.containsKey("mydata")) {
            String mydata = (String) variables.get("mydata");

However, when I call vaadinUpdateVariable() method, it results a “out of sync” problem showing on the Vaadin webpage. I have tried to use vaadinSync() method as well, but no luck.

Could you help me on this issue? Many thanks!

Probably it is too late, but this post opened my eyes:

I do not get it, have the same issue. Can you explain the solution to me please?
The link above just links to the beginning of a huge forum entry, so I don’t know what exact post you mean!?!



I have the exact same problem. Could you please tell me if you find anything about the solution?

Thanks in advance.