Vaadin App Not Refreshing on Server. Any ideas?


Does anyone know why my Vaadin app is not refreshing on my JBoss/Apache server via the Eclipse Plugin?

If I go ‘Run As…’, and ‘Run On Server’, my Vaadin project goes to the app server and I can run my vaadin app. However if I change something, and run on server again, it still shows the old version. Is this some kind of caching issue? If I shut down Eclipse and start it again, deploy, it shows the new version.

any ideas?

Have you tried appending “?restartApplication” to the Vaadin application URL. Otherwise, the UI components that were created might be kept in the session and not rebuilt after the code update, and the servers might even be configured to store sessions over server restarts as Tomcat is by default (if I remember correctly, the “Manager” parameter in context.xml of Tomcat).

If this is not the issue, the problem is probably in how the Eclipse integration of those servers caches or does not update something when you restart the server.