Vaadin and SQLite in Android

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in which I determined that Vaadin will run in Android (see other post for how-to). Since that post I have experimented with more sophisticated UI components (relative to ‘hello world’) with no problems.

Now I am confronted with:
How to provide simple database capabilities to Vaadin running in Android.

I think that SQLite is the only database option available on Android.
Can anyone confirm this?

Current thinking:

It looks like I am going to have to extend Vaadin’s
class so that it supports SQLite in addition to the already-supported HSQLDB, MySQL, MSSQL, Oracle and PostgreSQL

That would mean implementing some sort of JDBC driver for SQLite.
looks like a strong possibility.

This approach would mean recompiling Vaadin.

I am asking for any input from anyone who has an knowledge on this issue.

Am I headed down the right path? Am I missing something obvious? (10 years spent programming in C# (.Net) . . . give me a break).

Would this approach have to change radically for Version 7?

Finally . . . supposing I make this work. How do I contribute the source code back to Vaadin?

Extending SQLContainer does not imply recompiling Vaadin. For experimenting, you can actually just add the sources for the classes you need to fix/improve/redo to your own project. Under a normal war they will take precedence over the Vaadin jar (classes are looked at first in the classpath). You would have to be careful to do same when creating your dex.

You could do your initial container porting/testing/extending using Java on Windows or Linux – SQLite is available on Windows and Linux.

Thanks for the input. I am taking a look at this. More later.

For most of the content questions you already got some answers, so for some of the remaining points:

Higher level data binding to UI components does change in Vaadin 7 but the lower level Container APIs only a little. Build scripts do change so that dependencies are fetched using Ivy, so this should be kept in mind when writing tests.

For contributing code back to Vaadin core, see
this page