Vaadin and Pattern Lab?

Hi! I’m just getting started with Vaadin (mostly on the design end, working with developers in my department for the heavy lifting), and was wondering if anyone here had figured out a way to use
Pattern Lab
with Vaadin Designer.

If you aren’t familiar with it, Pattern Lab is a tool for building live style guides where you create and combine small components (“atoms”) to build slightly larger components (“molecules”), and combine molecules to create “organisms”, organisms to create templates. Nomenclature aside, it’s a really nice way of building a coherent look and feel for a site, then keeping it all organized in once place, with updates to lower-level components propagating automatically to higher-level components that use them.

(So, for example, an “atom” could be a text input, a “molecule” could be a text input combined with a label in a specific style/layout, and an “organism” could be an entire form, using those “molecules”.) There’s more on it

There are two versions of pattern labs, as far as I can tell: the official PHP-based version, and a node.js fork. Both work similarly, in that you edit .mustache files (which are just HTML/CSS with some curly-bracket pieces for templating) to create different pattern pieces, which are then compiled into a full page showing all of the patterns created thus far.

I know it would be possible to build a page that does all of this just within Vaadin, but that’s one more thing to ask my developers for, since I don’t know Java… at all.

Thanks for any input!