I’ve already developed an application written in VAADIN to have a web maintenance interface for an application. Everything works fine and development was really fast, but now I’m trying to browse the web interface using the JavaFX WebView (based on WebKit) component and I’m suffering some problems. If I start reloading the URL after several tries the background of the buttons does not load. I tried changing the cache of the Jetty to 0 without results.

Once it fails the following reloads don’t solve the problem. I cannot reproduce this problem using firefox or chrome (who has the same engine as WebView). I also tried to reproduce the same situation using the demo “” but in this case the problem does not appear in the same way, even though the background of the button can took several seconds in some situations.

Any idea?

I managed to solve my problem after upgrading javafx runtime to 2.2b6, it seems to be something related with webView an its image cache