Vaadin and HTTPServlet

I have hello world app in addres http://localhost:8080/lifeapp

I want to see HTTPServlet that I’ve put into my app

It looks like that

@WebServlet(name = "login", urlPatterns =
{ "/login" })
public class PrimerServlet extends HttpServlet

How can I get to this url http://localhost:8080/lifeapp

to see my web page?
is this possible in vaadi?

Thank you


Ususally with Vaadin you’d use the provided ApplicationServlet, using init-params to tell it which Application class to load. This is all described in many places, for instance
the book

It’s possible to set up a Vaadin application in the manner you mention above (“Java 6 EE style”, I guess) - for pointers you can see this
blog post
, or this
Hello Glassfish 3 article
. Or google “Vaadin java ee 6”.


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