vaadin and grails.

Hello, there is someone that use vaadin with grails here?
I need some impressions and experiences.
Thank you.


I’ve been using Vaadin together with Grails for a couple of months now. Until so far it has been a pleasant experience, although with some hiccups with one of them being that the Grails Vaadin plugin doesn’t compile Vaadin’s widgetset automatically yet, so if you want to use a Vaadin add-on with Grails you’ll have to do it manually which take a bit of searching to find out how.
Vaadin is a very complete front-end technology which with Grails’ working philosophy makes creating web applications simple if you don’t want to fiddle with Javascript.
It takes a bit of getting used to in the beginning but if you follow
tutorial, it will get you started.

Are there any specific things you are wondering about concerning Vaadin+Grails?

The web app I’m working on is open source and available on Github, so if you need a working example I’ll link it.

I’d be interested in a link to it.

You can find it
Take all the code with a grain of salt as we’re still figuring out what the best practices are.

I am just newbie. Do you know if it is possible to modularize a web application with Grails+Vaadin using the Grails Plug-ins framework? My initial idea is that a Plugin could have some Vaadin ui there.