Vaadin and Facebook Apps

Has anyone tried to use Vaadin to create a Facebook app?

I know a lot of the Facebook app APIs rely on the GET and POST operations, but Vaadin takes care of that for you.

Is there away I can use both?



First, this is the same question as can use GWT with Facebook.

At least according to this it should be possible to have GWT applications running there.

Next, I’d say that it is worth a test run to find out if the Vaadin automatic ajax mechanism works like it should.

Hi Sami,

Thanks for the reply!

The GWT widgets do work indeed on facebook. My issue is that facebook uses webrequests to authenticate etc. However, Vaadin takes care of all that for me. What I will need to do is make a wrapper for my vaadin facebook app to to authenticate, then pass the request on to Vaadin to do the rest.

Do you know of a way to do this?

I figured out a way to get the Http requests I needed.

After consulting the book, I came across the HttpServletRequestListener.

Sorry for the post. Always consult the book!

No problem. Actually, I did not completely understand the whole problem, so not much help from me this time. Glad you get it sorted out anyway.

For future reference, there is a Facebook game built with Vaadin:

Maybe the colors and layouts could have been fine-tuned a bit to make it better looking.

anyone can give me an idea about how the “invite friend” section works.

I am also trying to create a facebook app with vaadin but could not find a way to make “invite friend” work. This possessed app has done it successfully so there is a way to do it