Vaadin and advanced tables

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Whether there are the libraries, allowing to create difficult tables, as, for example, in drawing more low -


Such complex table header layouts are currently not possible with the core Table and I don’t think there is an add-on Table replacement that can do that either.



If it’s OK that the columns have fixed width, you can use fake headers in the table,
as is done here

Table can have variable-height rows, but it doesn’t work perfectly if the table has a scrollbar (calculating the scroll position is done assuming fixed row heights).

[/list]The multirow row headers are practically impossible. The only way that comes to my mind is to put an inner table in each row, but it’s rather heavy and not really sensible.

You can, of course, use GridLayout to make such layouts, but it’s not very efficient with large content and doesn’t have all the nice Table features.

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Yes, you are right, add-on’s I haven’t found, and base features class Table to the declared requirements doesn’t answer, though just multilower case headings rather critical question…

Nevertheless you have rather encouraged me, having specified a number of decisions,
In particular, about possibility of an enclosure of tables at lines and fake headers.

Colleagues also recommended to consider class GridLayout, however I too doubt correctness of such choice.

It is possible to impose simply, basically, - to write a component which would collect it though should be offered functionality of sorting, draggings and other.

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