Vaadin and Accessibility


I am working on a tender with accessibility requirements so that disabled people can also use the created web site. What would it require to create Vaadin application which also works with the reader applications meant for visually impaired. Would these actually require pure html page approach without any javascripting as the readers to be standalone browsers directly parsing the html pages loaded from server?


You could take a look at
this thread about WAI-ARIA

In short, the screen reader support in current Vaadin versions is still rather limited, and implementing a truly accessible Vaadin application for the visually impaired is likely to be rather laborious and complicated, and probably would require customizing at least some of the standard widgets. There have been some steps towards improving accessibility (such as improved keyboard navigation support), and GWT provides some features supporting accessibility, but we are not really there yet.

One option would be to do what e.g. Google Calendar does: one Ajax version of the page and another (with less javascript and less features) for WAI-ARIA users.