Vaadin AJAX Popups and IPC

Hello everyone,

We are being a bit different in our use of portlets. Our main page consists of two portlets. The majority of the browser window is filled with our legacy web application that we serve up using an Embedded object. At the top, we have a portlet that houses a menu bar where users can launch “applications” (portlets) as AJAX popups. Our challenge has been getting IPC to work properly with this setup.

In order to serve up the portlets, we added them to a page and saved their share URL’s to our database. When a user launches a portlet, we add a window to the portlet serving our legacy webpage. The window contains an Embedded object that points to the share URL of the desired portlet. This is handled using IPC between the menubar and the portlet housing the legacy webapp. The problem is we can’t seem to get IPC working from the popup back to the main page. I’ve tried using both ICEPush and IPC for Liferay. In both cases, the logic that changes the server side components runs, but the changes don’t get pushed to the client unless a full window refresh is performed (something we want to avoid). My guess is this is due to the popup portlet existing in an iframe. I’ve been looking around trying to find alternatives, but I haven’t had any luck. My only thought right now is to use jQuery to grab the html from the url and serve up the portlet in a div instead of an iframe.

Anyone have any thoughts?