Vaadin Addon CKEditor(0.1.2.V8-SNAPSHOT) Chrome Browser issue while pasting

Hi Team,
we are using Vaadin 8 framework and Add-ons for my project. one of the add on is CKEditor add-on with version as 0.1.2.V8-SNAPSHOT. below mentioned is the maven pom group id and version which i am using, with this version we are facing an issue in chrome browser while pasting printscreen images and snipped images.

org.vaadin.alump ckeditor 0.1.2.V8-SNAPSHOT

for CKEditor we are using 4.13.1 version .js file as mentioned below.
**@JavaScript({“”, “vaadin-save-plugin.js”}) **

for this issue, fix is already available with any other .js version or this issue is yet to be fixed?
if fix is already available please let us know the version.

Note : Pasting printscreen images and snipped images working fine in Internet Explorer but not working in chrome browsers.

Sounds like that’s probably a bug in the CKEditor library (or possibly in Chrome?) instead of the Vaadin add-on that just wraps it.

You should probably check if it’s a known issue with CKEditor 4 e.g. by checking their [issue tracker]
( or trying to get help from [StackOverflow]
( For more CKEditor resources see:

However if there is some issue with the [CKEditor add-on]
( wrapper itself, note that it is not an official Vaadin product and it was last updated in 2017. You could also check the add-on’s issue tracker or try to contact the add-on author for help. See the related links in the add-on page: