Vaadin Add-on Competition

Something interesting will be announced tomorrow.

Stay tuned :wink:

Competition is now open!
- what do you think?

Vaadin Add-on Competition is now on!
Share your add-ons in the
Vaadin Directory
and you can win a free iPad!

Check out
the compo page
for more details.

Please vote it if you like it :slight_smile:

is leading the compo and seems a likely winner for this month, but
GWT Graphics
are not far behind.

Also it should be noted that scores are still really really low and thus anyone could win. Even this month. Even by starting the development today. And OTOH - the winner of this months compo will be excluded from the next month and thus there is a new iPad waiting for May…

See the whole

Wow… actually just noticed the current chart… a kind of surprised, really :slight_smile:

Added a clarification to vague wording in the rules: Downloads are calculated for each competition month, not cumulatively for the whole competition. This clarification should not affect the selection of winner for April, but should encourage creation of new add-ons for upcoming months.

Lazy Query Container
looks like a likely winner for this month, but
the statistics
indicate that there is a really good change of winning next month if one starts development of the next killer add-on now and publishes it in two weeks…