Vaadin 8 - where .setRequired() method in TextField???

Can someone popularly embrace - why not a heap of necessary methods in Vaadin 8 such as .setRequired ()? However, the API specifies that they are inherited from com.vaadin.ui.AbstractField. To check the downloaded from the site, unpacked, and saw - there are no these methods there.


Check the release notes section for incompatible and behavior altering

For setRequired it mentions
“AbstractField::setRequired(boolean) has been replaced with:
HasValue::setRequiredIndicatorVisible(boolean) which only makes the * required indicator visible for the component
BindingBuilder::setRequired(String) adds a “not-empty” validator when used in Binder and makes the * required indicator visible”

“Required” property is now settable only with binding, by asRequired() method:

binder.forField(watermarkPosX).asRequired("required").bind("watermarkPosX"); Unfortunately, by this way you cannot disabled required property on runtime.

Thank you all. In api, the availability of this method is described …