Vaadin 8 Webapp fastest way to make it mobile-devices able

Calling my webapp by mobiledevices is ugly, because its not responsiv…
My webapp uses valo theme. The goal is to make the webapp mobile-devices able.
The Valo Theme Tester!common shows me, what I want → So its possible with vaadin 8…
What would be the fastest way to aim this goal?
I know there are custom themes and building up custom themes with custom styles.scss would be responsive. But is there a faster way?

Sorry for my english…

This part of the documentation covers that exact topic:


Hey Olli,

I tried the tutorials and understood and it worked…
The last question is: Is the behavier of mobileview in implemented in the mentioned
way? There is no default function to get the mobilview like in the mentioned demo, is it?

That was it!