Vaadin 8 + SpringBoot


I’am browing the documentation and forum but I still did not find the answer.

I have existing tomcat applications. I’d like to deploy on the tomcat server a Vaadin 8 + Spring boot applications.
What is confusing me is that all examples I have seen so far are based on a SpringBoot app with embedded Tomcat which is not what I want.
I’d like to have SpringBootApplication started for each WebApp classloader. Specifically I’d like to start a simple Srping CamelContext inside my app… Is it simply possible? Are there any example?


Gregory Jevardat

ESA - Gaia Project - University of Geneva

FYI I fugured out that Just adding a class extending
and annotated with @SpringBootApplication seems to work nicely !

In the end it is not working as I want. I have this warning that I think prevent proper @configuration classes to be processed.

Cannot enhance @Configuration bean definition ‘com.vaadin.spring.VaadinConfiguration’ since its singleton instance has been created too early. The typical cause is a non-static @Bean

Is it possible that to have spring boot working with Vaadin I must use an embeddede Tomcat solution with a main method starting SpringBoot?