Vaadin 8 replacement for BeanItemContainer and GeneratedPropertyContainer

I am migrating a vaadin 7 based application to vaadin 8. I want to replace all old tables with grids. For BeanItemContainer, i know it has been removed. What about the GeneratedPropertyContainer? Which elements should I use for my replacement?

You can use Grid.addColumn(…) variant with ValueProvider given as parameter.

Hey thanks Tatu I will try that

So our app is in Vaadin 7. Looking at moving it to Vaadin 8, I see there are no more …
Connection Pools?

Can you suggest what would the replacement for above components in vaadin 8?

You should replace BeanItemContainer with ListDataProvider.

Thanks for reply Tatu Lund.
we are using ListController also can we replace it by ListDataProvider?
what about tems? Properties? Field?