Vaadin 8: Renderer for LocalDate(Time) Column in Grid

“Vaadin 8 is all about Java 8”.
So I think there should be a Renderer for LocalDate(Time) Objects in Vaadin 8 to show them in Grids.
I could only find DateRenderer for java.util.Date.
Have I missed anything? Any hints?

I have an java.sql.Timestamp column in a TreeTable and it’s rendered automatically to a human readable date and time consistently with my locale settings…

I am talking about Vaadin 8, Grid and the new Java 8 Date-Time API.

I’m using a lambda expression to convert localdate to string. I think the old DateRenderer has not been migrated to Java 8.
Something like that (but a new class DateRenderer should be available)
grid.addColumn(d-> {return d.getDate().format(DateTimeFormatter.ofPattern(“dd/MM/yyyy”));}).setCaption(“date”)).setSortProperty(“date”);

There is a DateRender in Vaadin 8, but it only supports java.util.Date.
At the moment I convert LocalDate to java.util.Date to have date objects, not Strings in the list (for sorting an filtering).

There’s a plan to create new class or classes for rendering Java 8 date / time types.


Which is the best practise in Vaadin8 with DateField if my backend use
Should I create and set converters everywhere?