Vaadin 8 - link component is not working with IE11

Hi Team,

We do have challenges using vaddin 8 Link component with IE-11. As what we have faced it works for the first time but subsquent clicks, URL will change but server page refresh will not happen.

We tried using Button component instead Link but that approach also failing in IE.

The way we are calling out this component is as below.

Link home = new Link(“Dashboard”,new ViewResource(Dashboard.class));

Kindly advice, if there is any workaround.


What is a ViewResource? Are you trying to navigate within your application? There is the Navigator for that.

Hello Ronny,

This line;
Link home = new Link(“Dashboard”,new ViewResource(Dashboard.class));

used to navigate within application.

In IE 11 when you click on Link for first time, URL changes and View is displayed.
For second time onwards, there is change in URL but View never displays.

same issue is raised , for reference please find below

we tried using Button, instead of Link.
Even then the same issue happening.