Vaadin 8 - Grid / Missing Converter


i look forward to set a converter on a grid column in Vaadin 8. The purpose is, that i have a status column (model value is of type boolean) which should be represented with an icon and the column should be sortable.

On the previus Vaadin version i have bind the boolean value in my model with the grid column (so the sorting works fine), add an converter (to convert the boolean values to an icon resource) and add an image renderer to show the icon on the grid.

Vaadin 7:

  this.addColumn("ABO", Boolean.class).setWidth(75).setMinimumWidth(75)
        .setRenderer(new ImageRenderer(), new AboIconConverter());

I found a solution for my problem. I add an additional method to return the abo-icon to my model and define a comparator to sort the column.

    Column<MKModel, Resource> colAbo = this.addColumn(MKModel::getAboIcon, new ImageRenderer<>());
    colAbo.setComparator(new SerializableComparator<MKModel>() {

      public int compare(MKModel o1, MKModel o2) {
        return Boolean.valueOf(o1.getABO()).compareTo(o2.getABO());