Vaadin 8 Grid: how to activate the buffered inline editor?

I’m trying to create a user interface that includes a Grid with buffered inline editing.

It seems rows can only be edited by double-clicking them, but I would like to select a row and then click an Edit button. I could not find any method to call that would activate the editor on the selected row.

Also, I have a New button for adding a new row. I would like this also to activate the editor with empty fields, so that the user can fill out the form. I managed to add an empty row by creating a domain object with empty fields and added it to the collection underlying the Data Provider. But again, how can I activate the editor for the empty row?

Yes, the API has changed. In Vaadin 7 there was a method in Grid to open the editor. In Vaadin 8, you need to get the Editor via Grid.getEditor() first and then use editRow, i.e. Grid.getEditor().editRow(…), I assume you want to call this one in the click event of the edit button.

There is no editRow() in Editor, nor in EditImpl. Ah, I see, I’m looking at com.vaadin.ui.Grid and its getEditor() returns com.vaadin.ui.components.grid.Editor. But you were talking about com.vaadin.client.widgets.Grid and its embedded Editor class.
How do I get from com.vaadin.ui.Grid to com.vaadin.client.widgets.Grid?
I also don’t see an editRow() in the EditorClientRpc interface.

Yes, you are correct and I mixed the classes. It looks like, extension would be needed in order to add functionality to call to open it, using the editRow() method from the client side. Personally I think this is an API that should be added to Editor server side class.

Of course it should be part of the API. And there should be a published list of features that were present in v7, but are missing from v8. We’re just starting out with vaadin. The lack of this feature means I will need to first learn the v7 API, then, if and when vaadin 8 is more complete, switch over and re-learn the API. Double work.

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