Vaadin 8 Grid filtering with BackEndDataProvider

I was created Service class which extends “BackEndDataProvider”,
Get “ConfigurableFilterDataProvider” from service.
After configurableFilterDataProvider.setFilter(…) filter not applied,
“.fetch” method from BackEndDataProvider not firing.

Today’s not elegant solution is create
method in service class and apply filter by calling
“.setFilter” and after
to reload data in grid from service.

See source code here:

i rewrited with “withConfigurableFilter” and now question is - why needed to call “grid.getDataCommunicator().reset()” to reload data in grid from Data Provider.

Perhaps you should check this example:

He extends from AbstractBackEndDataProvider and he doesn’t use grid.getDataCommunicator().reset() (only to reset the grid).

I didn’t overwrite a backendprovider (I use CallbackDataProvider which call my service) so i don’t know exactly why you need getDataCommunicator().reset().

Thank you!