Vaadin 8 Grid can't change style of cell (td)

In vaadin 7 there is Grid.setCellStyleGenerator() for cell’s style but in vaadin 8 all there is Grid.setStyleGenerator() which is for rows but I need to change the style for cells.

I got it to work using mytheme.scss

.v-grid-cell {
height: 100px;

.your_grid_style td {
height: 100px !important; /* define row height */

both of these work but on a global scale, not what I want. I want to do this programmatically.

How do I do this?


There is a setStyleGenerator where you have a CellReference, I think

In the end it seems the style for the cell of a table (td) has been moved to the column:

    Column<User, ?> column = userGrid.getColumn("<COL_NAME_TO_GET>");
    column.setStyleGenerator(user -> {
        return "<YOUR_STYLE>";