Vaadin 8: Disable session expired message when reconnecting to a new server

I use push() to update public display screens. If the web server they connect to is restarted, the page needs to be refreshed (which used to mean – go to each and hit refresh). The current protocol to keep trying is very nice, but when the server has restarted a “session expired” message appears. In my case, there is enough information in the URI fragment to restart cleanly – is there a way to force the creation of a new VaadinSession inside the VaadinService ? Why is the request to a newly started server not considered the initial request ?

I’m guessing it’s a scenario that didn’t occur to the developers before, or it was deemed to be too infrequent to warrant inclusion. Server restarts are typically not happening very often. If you care, you can make a feature request at
; if you include a sample project, that will most certainly help.