Vaadin 8 - development - Beta1? SNAPSHOT? Beta2?


I currently have the luxury of not having to use a stable framework + I really like where Vaadin 8 is going, so I’ve stopped 7.7 development and are now porting my 7.7 App to Vaadin 8 using 8.0-SNAPSHOT.

The problem is however, that API of the SNAPSHOT changes quite rapidly (obviously and it’s a good thing), so I have to fix compilation errors daily, after figuring out how the new API is supposed to work (by looking at pull request, which btw are top quality).

On the other hand I feel Beta1 is quite obsolete API-wise.

Is there a middle ground? What do you recommend for my use case (apart from using mvn --no-snapshot-update or building the framework myself when I feel like updating :slight_smile: )?

Maybe a Beta2 is coming soon?

No promises, but beta 2 should be out soon :slight_smile: