Vaadin 8 Designer in Intellij not working

Mac OS Ventura, latest version of intellij, jdk 17, Vaadin 8 design files left hanging in status “Please wait, loading view…”

Vaadin 8 is no longer openly maintained. None of our customers who have extended support option has not yet pointed out this problem, hence we have not paid attention to this. Note, future releases of Designer for Vaadin 8 will require extended maintenance subscription, if we fix it

Alright, thanks for the answer anyway.

Just one more clarify, so even if I have active Vaadin 8 Designer Pro license I won’t be able to use Designer tool in Intellij if fixed? I have old Eclipse in which Designer works. It’s quite insane

Ok @yummy-rhino @secure-leopard just announced fix, and we will wait for it shortly! Great news!

Upgraded Vaadin designer to version 4.6.20 but problem still exists :frowning_with_open_mouth:

@secure-leopard any clues about ongoing problem with this? I tried everything and still not works.