Vaadin 8 browser component - java object mapping

I need to fix things, done by a programmer(?) who put everything on UI in a single view class.

My main problem, is that i don’t know which component in browser is which object in the java class. How can i find it out?

For example this field that i click on = private NumberField thatNumberField;

Without this it’s very hard to move things to separate classes, and do an MVP pattern. Putting /?debug to url does not helps much it doesn’t tells me which is which, but only the types of components. superdevmode not works, if i click on that, it will be compiling forever and some “make sure codeserver is running, and retry” message.

You’ll have to analyze the view class and look in which order the components are added to the viewlayout. If that is somehow not possible or you don’t understand the view class, you could set a different id for each component (the id will be visible when you inspect the page in the browser).


will result in HTML like this: <vaadin-number-field id="numberField-1">...</vaadin-number-field>