Vaadin 8 And Vaadin 14 how to run in Android ?

It is possible sir any idea means share me sir?:joy:

Typically you just use the web browser in Android to run Vaadin apps

vaadin project i want to run in android studio?

Android Studio is meant for developing Android apps, not web apps

vaadin to convert to android app

That’s all manual work, I’m afraid.

You can potentially wrap a Vaadin app with a mobile wrapper using something like Apache Cordova, but that doesn’t make it the same as a native Android app. The main reason for doing that would be accessing some native API like the gyroscope, but those are nowadays quite well covered by the browser.

Apache Cordova to run vaadin app sir

Yes sir

If you need only to be able install Vaadin application in your Android desktop, it is just enough to add @PWA annotation in AppShellConfigurator. Nowadays you really do not need Apache Cordova for many things, as e.g. Chrome in Android gives quite good API for using things like Camera and GPS.