Vaadin 8.12.2+: problem with atmosphere -> push not available


starting from 8.12.2, the vaadin-server needs atmoshpere with version 2.4.30.vaadin2 and requests this version in the Import-Package section of its manifest. The atmosphere-runtime-2.4.30.vaadin2.jar has entries like


in the Export-Package section of its manifest. So, the vaadin-server won’t find the correct version, but OSGI resolves the bundle anyways because the atmosphere imports are declared as optional. However, push will not be available, and if the application requests push support, an exception will be thrown and the Web UI doesn’t start.

I assume that there is some build issue with the atmosphere library which uses a wrong version for the Exports section of the manifest. Does anybody know whether a solution is already on the way (8.12.4?)

Currently I’d see no other ways than either staying on 8.12.1 (the last version which uses atmosphere 2.4.30.vaadin1) or re-packaging the atmosphere library with a correct manifest. Any other ideas?

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There’s an open GitHub issue on this:

It will probably be the best way to follow new developments on a fix; currently there’s no ETA.

Hopefully the new 2.4.30.vaadin3 release of the Atmosphere runtime fixes this issue, it should be included in the next patch release of Vaadin 8 (as well as out seperately right now)

Looks like it works with Vaadin 8.12.4 and Atmosphere 2.4.30.vaadin3. Thanks for the hint!