Vaadin 8.1.0.beta3 with OSGi

I would like to try the 8.1.0.beta3 (especially the compatibility packages) in OSGi environment. The first question: Should I use the vaadin-osgi-integration bundle to use Vaadin 8.1 on Eclipse Virgo? The second: is it OK the vaadin-compatibility-server 's pom refer to 8.1.0 not to 8.1.0.beta3? The third: there will be vaadin-spring 2.x with OSGi compatible manifest?
Thanks in advance!

While I’m not aware of people having tested Vaadin 8.1 OSGi support on Virgo, I believe it should work as long as using a reasonably recent Virgo version and the latest Vaadin 8.1 version (currently 8.1.0.rc2). For Karaf, there is an example at
that might be helpful.

To take advantage of (semi)automatic handling of widgetsets, themes, servlet and UI registration etc. you should add a dependency to vaadin-osgi-integration. There is iimited documentation available at
and right now some additional documentation is under review at

If you come across any issues, please report them in our
GitHub issue tracker

As for the compatibility-server POM having the wrong version number, I could not find such in beta3 - do you have more infomation on where you saw the wrong version number?

Finally, as for Vaadin Spring, I am not aware of any plans as Spring has dropped OSGi support. However, simply adding the manifest to support versions of Spring that do support OSGi should not be too hard, so if there is demand for that, perhaps it will be added.