Vaadin 8.1.0.beta3 : Tree Flat

Hello, I have a strange problem with Vaadin 8.

I have a tree, everythings seems to be fin in hierarchical data, but it appear flat !!! I can collapse expand but all node are left aligned.

When a expand, instead of being translated to the right, the child is aligned…

When I check the htm all style have “transform: translate3d(0px, 84px, 0px);” with the x translate setted to 0.

Is anybody can give me some help to target exactly what’s happening ?

Thanks and regards.

Same with RC1.

In fact it is not related to translate3d, but all my node are v-tree8-row-depth-0…

But expand is working well, I have parents and children.

Why ?

please share your code example

My own fault…

Bad equals overide on objects stored into TreeData.

I beg you pardon. :frowning: