Vaadin 7 to Vaadin 8 - Widgetset is not compiling / No widgetset found

Hello guys,

Yes, one more problem compiling widgetset. I already read multiple times blogs articles and official doc on the subject (ref : ), cleaned maven/eclipse/.m2, but still not working.

The context : we are starting migration of quite a big project from Vaadin 7 to 8. Also going to maven (we were working with ivy on v7).
Project code is almost ok, working for now with compatibilite mode, just missing a working widgetset to run it.

We use a custom Widgetset, so annotation is present in our custom servlet :
(@VaadinServletConfiguration(productionMode = true, ui = SuperSoftUI.class, widgetset = “be.mycompany.mysoft.widgetset.SuperSoftWidgetset”)
On the UI :

But when compiling with Eclipse button (from Vaadin plugin) :

 GWT plugin is configured to detect modules, but none were found.
 No widgetsets found - generating AppWidgetset if necessary.
 Updating widgetset AppWidgetset

 --- vaadin-maven-plugin:8.4.2:compile (default-cli) @ ecust-cerebro ---
 auto discovered modules [AppWidgetset]

 Using com.vaadin:vaadin-client-compiler version 8.4.2
 Loading inherited module 'AppWidgetset'
 Unable to find 'AppWidgetset.gwt.xml' on your classpath; could be a typo, or maybe you forgot to include a classpath entry for source?

Any clue ?


Is your file properly name SuperSoftWidgetset.gwt.xml and is it located under src/main/resources/be/mycompany/mysoft/widgetset?