Vaadin 7 slow performance while view rendering


I’m a Java backend developer so the client side development is usually a good piece of pain to me and this is why I really like Vaadin framework because it can abstract me from client side details.

Right now I ran into an issue with a slow performance while one of my Vaadin view is rendered on the client side. Backend code for this view works good with ~100-200ms but client side rendering takes about ~15-30sec(depends on browser and computer speed)

I tried CssLayout but it doesn’t help significantly.

Also I’m interested in stuff like this!/thread/143985/143984 but this addon looks like a little bit outdated(I user Vaadin7.6.8).

Is any chance to get help on my issue from Vaadin developers/community ?

How many and which components do you render to the view?
If you start your application with ?debug parameter and see the analyze layouts results, what is the hierarchy there? Usage of debug window is described here: