Vaadin 7: several Liferay portlets in a single WAR

Hi all,

I know that some similar topics have been discussed earlier - keeping several portlets in a single WAR.

But somehow all the available information and the demo from Vaadin distribution don’t help me. Maybe because they’re more related to Vaadin 6 rather than Vaadin 7.

What I have right now:

– Liferay 6.1.2 and Vaadin 7.1.4
– Liferay IDE project in Eclipse with Vaadin plugin.
– Several UI classes - one class per portlet. They all work correctly in the separate WARs! But don’t work in a single WAR!
– Single set of the configuration files: portlet.xml, liferay-portlet.xml, liferay-display.xml …


– What must be present inside file? For the case of one portlet - it’s clear: name, short description etc. But for the case of several portlets?? Should we have one file per portlet?

– web.xml file - right now it is automatically generated… and it looks like there is a mess. Are there any good examples of web.xml for Vaadin 7 and multiple portlets in a single WAR?

– Are there any good sources of information (e.g. tutorials) for developing Vaadin 7 portlets and specifically the case with multiple portlets in a single WAR?

Thanks in advance.

The problem has been resolved. After creating a new clean Vaadin project from scratch. So it looks like a misconfiguration problem caused by some incorrect settings somewhere…

Now everything is OK and the portlets are running in the same WAR.