Vaadin 7 server is being called on each action

I have an application based on Vaadin 7. During the development and local tests all was fine but today when I rolled it out to remote environment (Amazon) I got very lagy behavior. Even it seems even when I close modal window, request is being sent to server and I got “loading” sign for a second. This is very bad user experience. Is this something I can do to improve it?


Allmost all Vaadin actions are processed on the server-side, this comes from the architecture. It brings a lot of benefits, but also some drawbacks - You cannot expect to achieve the performance of pure client-side technologies.

Thank you for you answer.

Is this any way that I can still improve user experience? I can see sample Vaadin application and it works good there.

The sample application doesn’t really has much in it to cause a large amount of server-client interaction.
Improving this is not that easy. You could look through your code and see if you have some things in there which can cause large amounts of communication, e.g. polling, and see if you can replace it with something else.
The other thing you can do is create custom widgets and/or embedded Html/Javascript where you can place simple logic you would otherwise have server side. For more information have a look at the Vaadin 7 wiki. This “solution” is not easy though.