Vaadin 7 , rendering issue

Hi , this app was developed using V7 (like 10 years ago , none of the the developers who worked on it are present nor a documentation for the project was done) , the issue is that when the application is on the UI is pretty messed up
and it only looks fine after refresh ,
please could you help me with that ?

What browser are you using, does it look like this in all browsers? Does it run any JS from the source code? The browser’s developer view/console shows any errors?

Hi @joie-de-vivre-snake , i am using google chrome , but the same issue happens on mozilla firefox and microsoft edge as well ,
it includes some JS libraries like ,
it doesn’t show any errors , but i noticed that if i opened developer console (docked to the side of the window) before going to the app and then close it after the app loads the issue doesn’t happen

It looks like it reads theme aka css correctly only after refresh … Why? That I do not know.