vaadin 7: re apply filters after remove and add them

I have a Grid with filter, the problem is that after apply a filter, some actions are done and one of them is ADD a new item to this Grid, the problem lies when I try to recovery and set properties of this new item

Object id = container.addItem();
Item item container.getItem(id); //this returns null sometimes, as the doc says: *Containers should not return Items that are filtered out*

I tried to remove the filters before add new items and re apply them after, but I don’t know how to make the filters BE APPLIED again, how to fire/trigger each filter.

  List<..> filters = ((IndexedContainer) c).getContainerFilters();
  ((IndexedContainer) c).removeAllContainerFilters(); //THIS METHOD REMOVE the instances in Set<Filters> in AbstractInMemorycontainer

//load or adding items

//so the collections filters is EMPTY!
for (Container.Filter filter : filters) {
	((IndexedContainer) c).addContainerFilter(filter);

how can I preserve the filters to use them again?

or can filters be disabled and re enabled?

or can I recover an Item by id from the container ignoring the filters? like the amazing API of **javax.swing.table Models **

Solved, I didn’t know that Unmodifiable collections are the same collection wrapped in other implementation