vaadin 7 performance issue

iam using vaadin 7 and my problem is when i using application it is loading slowely
i fond that it because of loading style.css in my app
it almost tacking 4 to 5 secs…
how can i improve speed in my vaadin 7 application

plz help meee…
Thanks& Regards
Hemanth Kumar

How big is your style.css file? (lines uncompressed and kb)

If you are running the application in development mode, it will compile the theme from SCSS to CSS when loading it. That might explain some of the delay.

For production mode (see the parameter in web.xml), you need to compile the theme before deployment, which might speed it up considerably when actually running the application on production servers. See
this tutorial
for how to compile the theme and other related information.

We’ve lately seen slowdowns from 10s to 100s for the styles.css (Sass compiler) when developing a custom SCSS theme. A workaround is to run your server in normal (i.e. not debug) mode.