Vaadin 7 or vaadin 8

if possible run the url name change dynamic and image where get change dynamic like (Page.getCurrent().setTitle(“welcome to vaadin”) default is @Title(“Vaadin) this output few seconds display Vaadin after display name “welcome to vaadin” how to immediate display “welcome to vaadin””

Are you referring to this?

Image sample = new Image(); final ExternalResource externalResource = new ExternalResource( ""); sample.setSource(externalResource);

@Title("Vaadin) in base ui how to change name in portal

In Vaadin 7, when I try to update to 7.7.24 to 7.7.25, I am getting this error " Unable to find ‘com/google/gwt/core/Core.gwt.xml’ I am not able to resolve this issue

@sensible-nautilus if you’re using 7.7.24/25, it means you’re using extended maintenance versions and thus eligible to use Expert Chat on, you should ask there

@vital-koala Thanks for the information