vaadin 7, liferay, ide?

im trying to get going with vaadin again but having a lot of trouble doing so.

im trying newest eclipse, vaadin designer pluign to eclipse, liferay 6.2ce and any combination that will update vaadin on liferay :slight_smile:

I notice that if I use liferay IDE it knows a lot about liferay of cause and can create a vaadin portlet also but everything is then for vaadin6 and I would need to correct all files after. Of cause this is a “setup once” problem… but still… since im trying to find the correct/best/something solution to get going … its not really optimal.

I notice then if I use eclipse and the vaadin designer plugin it can create vaadin 7 projects and also tell it to make a portlet. This does not really work. You need again to change the files created DTD that are incorrect small issues. Also to deply (might be im new to eclipse) I seams I have to use the export to war feature and thats… a but annoying in the long run :slight_smile:

I also notice its a pain to figure out about the widget set things when trying to use Liferay. I needed to remove everything and set @theme(“valo”) to make it work. This seams to have the effect, again im new to caring about widget and themes, that nothing will work if you try to get a vaadin add on working since now You need to specify use of specific widgetsets somehow, somewhere and… I dont get where or how again since liferay seams to overturn everything.

there is the issue of selfcontaint portlet or not. Seams not really to do whats expected if you think the IDE will set this up for you - at least again for issues related to widgetsets and 3. party addons downloaded from

im really really missing a A-Z for dummy description of what to download and how to get something real working. Its strange to me that the IDE/plugins create files that dont work (except of cause that I can see why liferay IDE would create vaadin 6 files so thats not an error). I read how vaadin and liferay is a match in heaven :slight_smile: I dont see it (ok I was happy back when I did a bit of liferay6.0.6/vaadin 6)
Im tempted to just run the vaadin app seperate and use liferay as user database but that also sort of sucks :slight_smile:

there must be someone who could write a public available description showing step by step download, install usage, what to change and probably best also a small “why explaination”, show how to use the designer correctly, deploy, and use a addon or two in a simple to understand no BS helloworld. But a full working description, tested and detailed.

would be willing to sponsor the job - does i take 2 hours to write up something like this?

if it already exist, where? Im only seeing bits here and there and nothing that really works 100% maybe its just me…

The easiest way to create a portlet is probably to use the Maven archetype for a self-contained version as explained in
this blogpost
. I just tried it out myself with Eclipse Luna and a Liferay that has a bundled Tomcat, and it doesn’t require you to export to war at every change, although deploying versioned portlets is also an option (so if you use one of those you obviously won’t see your changes until you override it – if you use the default UI from the archetype for testing it, clicking the button should give you a -portlet instead of - if you want to use the one that updates on the fly). For some more complicated needs and further links, see
this other blogpost
. Not sure how to fit in Designer to this combination, though, haven’t had time to play around with that one yet, so hopefully someone else can comment on that.

I go an opposite way - create a Liferay MVC portlet, strip out the Liferay MVC stuff and layer in the Vaadin 7 portlet stuff leveraging the shared Vaadin 7 environment of the Vaadin 7 Control Panel.

I have a number of blog posts on covering Vaadin 7 usage in the portal, you might check them out.