Vaadin 7 & JEE using custom servlet instead CDI add-on – Pros/Cons?

First of all, I was unsure whether to put this here or under Add-ons. Please move if necessary.

I had trouble bringing a test Vaadin application using Vaadin-CDI add-on to life. As nothing worked out as expected I found this post call
Vaadin 7 & JEE integration without using the CDI addon
while searching the internet about what I might have done wrong. In short, he is creating his own custom vaadin servlet and injets its EJBs there using a Service Facade.

The approach works perfect for me. What I am unsure about is: Are there any possible pitfalls using this approach? Does anybody know why I shouldn’t do this? Or is good to go with?

I am asking for pros and cons.

Thanks in advance.